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In the land of Businate, society is divided into four sections. Sections are based on the artifacts that serve as coins which create spice through sunlight.

Spice is neccessary for the people to live, because it creates the neccesary energy field for the heart to keep pumping blood.Restricted spice is easier to control people.


Some people cannot live with the spice that is given to them.Therefore, they try to travel to other sections for better chances.

There is no spice in between sections.Sometimes,while traveling,people die.

Two brothers who have seen their familiar suffer at the hands of unequal decided to stop the pattern.

They realized the only solution was to connect the sections so people would not have to travel.

They built a flying boat, and stole all the coins.


They put the coins in the middle of the territory and the walls fell.

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People did not have to fight for spice anymore.

They even started helping each other build new homes.

The best thing was that each person could get access to spice and find their community winning with them as they rise.

The new connected land was named Peep.